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Risk Management Services

Although we are a full-fledged insurance brokerage, our primary work is actually very different: functioning as the out-sourced insurance and risk management department for mid-sized companies. Our clients are companies for whom having their own Risk Management department is not cost-effective, yet they need significant customization of their coverages, and hands-on management of their internal safety and claims procedures. This includes:

  • Fully accepting nationwide – and foreign – locations and multiple subsidiaries
  • Policy management, including thorough review of all policies to ensure coverages and policy language are adequate; maintaining current policy information, payment schedules, and keeping track of and negotiating renewals.
  • Ongoing handling of all aspects of claims management: initial reporting of claims to insurance companies; tracking of all claims developments; being proactive and current on all litigated and complex claims; and communicating internally to management and externally to other parties until the claim is closed.
  • Our Risk Management Information System is adjusted to each client’s specific needs, using and creating custom databases to maintain policies, asset management and claims data to the depth the client needs. Our custom reports examine and compare insurance costs, analyze claim trends and loss ratios, and allow the claims data to “speak to” weaknesses and areas of improvement needed.
  • Additional services also include: Worker’s Comp Experience Mod Analysis; Commercial Property Replacement Cost calculation; correcting of ISO Building and COPE information; setting up and managing safety programs; feasibility studies for accessing Alternative Risk Transfer mechanisms such as Risk Purchasing Groups, Risk Retention Groups, and various types of captives (sole owner, cell or association captives).

If your company is ready to benefit from an insurance program designed to minimize costs, optimize coverages and availing itself of ALL the best options out there, it’s time we had a chat.